REIKI TRAINING / TEACHING (Uplifting life energy healing therapy)


Reiki instructions and initiations are offered at three levels. Each level is complete in itself :

REIKI - First Degree - Basic Level : to offer Reiki to self and others in person. Teaching hours : 10 hours.

REIKI - Second Degree – Advanced Level : For wider and enhanced healing in person or at a distance with initiation in symbols(yantras : pure energy patterns) and sounds (mantras : pure energy sounds). Techniques for distant healing, mental-healing, past life healing, manifesting abundance, happiness in relations, Reiki-massage, etc. Duration : 20 hours.

REIKI - Third Degree - Professional Healer & Teacher. For those who have gained sufficient experience and insight of Reiki healing and would now like to start a Reiki studio as a healer and teacher. Students who have done Reiki Basic / Advance from other schools are also welcome to join Reiki Teachership Course. Duration : 70 Hours

(Note : Duration of teaching time for various levels may vary, depending on background & level of understanding).